The Music-In-Print Series® Online

In 2000, Musicdata, Inc., the publisher of the Music-In-Print Series, suspended printed publication of the Music-In-Print Series indefinitely due to the founder's wish to retire. The Music-In-Print Series remained active in the digital market, developing CD-ROM versions of printed books.

By acquiring the assets of Musicdata, Inc., emusicquest is carrying on the tradition of Music-In-Print. In addition to providing existing Music-In-Print products in CD-ROM format, we are constantly updating Music-In-Print online (and expanding the coverage to include Piano, Brass, Band, and other important areas).

emusicquest has assumed the duties as the publisher of:
  • a) the Music-In-Print CD-ROM products currently in production:
    Sacred Choral, Secular Choral, Classical Vocal, Orchestral, Classical Guitar, Woodwind, and Piano Music In Print
  • b) current Music-In-Print titles available through the emusicquest and emusicinprint web sites
  • c) any future Music-In-Print CD-ROM products, and
  • d) any future titles to the printed Music-In-Print Series.

    emusicquest will also process orders of any in-stock Music-In-Print books. We have begun reprinting several of the most popular titles from The Music-In-Print Series in paperback format! Available titles include Woodwind, Classical Vocal, Orchestral, and others! Please click here for a listing of the available titles and prices.

    I worked as an editor of the Music-In-Print Series for a number of years before forming emusicquest. Through the experiences of editing printed books and developing computer database solutions at Musicdata, Inc., my vision evolved into an Internet-based searchable sheet music index. emusicquest began in 2000 and focused on the areas of piano, band, and popular guitar - areas not covered by The Music-In-Print Series.

    I hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for the future of The Music-In-Print Series. I invite your comments and questions.

    Donald Reese,

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