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October, 2015: We have experienced the disabling of our website to our users by our hosting company. A problem on the server was traced to one of our databases, and without warning, our account was disabled. Our most reliable option was to rebuild the database files, upgrade the database software, and relocate to a new host that vowed to give warning before disabling anything on our account. The new hosting company uses different protocols from our former site servers; it had been over 8 years that we were maintaining the site without any updates. New technologies and standards come and go, and our conservative approach was not to change what was working fine. There is always a price to pay for that attitude!

Our site's look and operation will undoubtedly evolve in the coming weeks and months. Since switching our hosting company was a sudden decision, our primary concern is to restore access to our users. Secondary concerns are the advanced functionality and cosmetic interface issues.

Navigation through the emusicquest site is done by following the links on the left side of the screen.

We have posted an online tutorial for new users, as well as users who wish to get the most from their subscription! The tutorial discusses search tips and methods, and contains interactive searches to provide examples of how to find specific print music editions!

We are have completed our first demonstration videos on YouTube. Search for user "musicinprint" to see them. More will be coming soon! There is undoubtedly a learning curve when using our resource, and hopefully the tutorials and demonstration videos may help reduce that learning period! Viewers will be able to actually follow searches from start to finish, and will hopefully discover more subtle tools to employ in your own searches! We want to show you how to get the most out of our resource!!

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